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  • I want to get married, what's the first step?
    Before you can be married, you need to obtain your marriage license. These can be purchased from most automobile license issuers, many Insurance brokerages, and jewelry stores. You will both need to be there together in person, with two forms of ID.
  • We have our marriage license, how soon can we get married?
    The Government of Saskatchewan mandates that you must wait until the next calendar day after getting your marriage license before you can be married. So if you bought your marriage license today, the soonest I can marry you is tomorrow. Marriage licenses are valid for 90 days
  • How much does it cost to get married?
    My fee is $149 and it covers everything you need, including all your paperwork and your ceremonial marriage certificate. If you need me to supply your two witnesses, that can also be provided for $25 each.
  • Can I just get married at City Hall?
    No, that's no longer an option. The days of getting married "at the courthouse" or at City Hall have passed by. You need to hire a marriage commissioner or seek out a member of the clergy.
  • Do you have an office? Can we bring guests?
    I have a very nice office in a downtown coworking space with free parking. It's suitable for one or two immediate family members but I do not allow large groups or full "weddings" with music, walking the aisle, etc.
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